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Welcome to the Edumagazine.net directory. Here you will place information about your company, university, language courses or organization.

Edumagazine.net Education Directory provides useful information about education abroad, job overseas, travel and immigration that makes it easy for students and public to find academic and enrichment courses, international jobs and over for they needs.

Edumagazine.net is an educational portal that helps to universities, colleges, schools, language courses and so on attract students across the globe at an unbelievably low cost. On the other hand, it helps students to search for the eductaion courses and colleges that fit their requirement.

Using Internet as its platform, Edumagazine.net reaches out to more than a million prospective students in CIS countries and other world. Edumagazine.net informs, connects and guides these students to a variety of educational programs worldwide.

Edumagazine.net helps education organizations reach out to over million students across globe.
Get the leads of students who are most likely to enrol in they institution. The lead information provided is only for the students who have already shown interest.
Effectively build brand and market courses and institute at an amazingly low cost. Directly attract students. Save adversting and marketing budget.

Please email us by info@edumagazine.net to request advertising information.

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