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Why Study in the United Kingdom?

Hundreds of thousands of international students choose the UK every year. From India alone there are currently more than 7,500 students studying in UK universities and colleges and if you are reading this article there is a very good chance that you too are considering your future studies in the UK....

Is an education in the USA for you?

Study in the United States is a serious and expensive undertaking. To decide if it is the best option for you, consider carefully how it will fit into your long-term educational and professional plans. The Indian Student asked NAFSA, the Association of International Educators and the leading associa...

Study Abroad: A 10-Step Preparation

Study Abroad: A 10-Step Preparation

Step #1: Catalog Shopping. You are sitting in front of a heaping pile of travel books and brochures and you have no idea where you want to go. You pick up a catalog of the Univ. of Galway— endless rolling hills and tons of sheep; then a picturebook of Italy—fountains, art, well-dressed Europeans; th...

Choosing a Study Abroad Program

To cease to see the world through the eyes of a tourist and learn about another culture while learning about yourself, you first must find the right program. Start by figuring out what your needs are and what you are looking to gain from your time abroad. 

1. Length of the Program

Programs can range f...

Why Go Abroad?

I missed out on the study abroad experience in college because college itself was simply too much fun. Nothing could tear me away from my four years of independence, not even the promise of an adventure abroad.

To make up for the missed opportunity, I chose to study abroad after college. Like so many...